Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Blog of One's Own

For a woman in the early years of the 20th century, the literary path required 'money and a room of her own.' At least that was the opinion of Virginia Woolf. Well, Virginia, times have changed. A woman in the 21st century who aspires to write need only have a laptop and a blog of her own. Who needs a room when corner coffee shops offer such conducive environments. As for money, if you can purchase the latte (required for securing a seat and for staying awake), you have all the money you need.

With a serious blog of my own, I hope to re-establish some credibility. After the unfortunate incident a few years ago, my son issued a warning to his friends, "Be ware. My mother is running loose in the blogosphere!" So much for trying to add a personal counseling touch to an online discussion between Duke University professionals. (Sigh) I might have avoided the web forever except for the encouragement of a friend.

With her persistance I now have a blog of my own. Whether or not I write something worth reading remains to be seen. Who knows? Perhaps in a few months people will add my blog to the "must check regulary list." On the other hand, they may be echoing my son's sentiments, "Help! Bettejean is loose in the blogosphere."