Sunday, November 1, 2015

Giving Thanks Day 1

The beginning of the season of giving thanks slipped by me, making its appearance the same day I realized that in addition to a far weightier loss, we had also lost an hour. Now as I see the posts of those who choose to celebrate November by declaring their gratitude for their blessings by posting them daily on FB, I see that I too have so much for which to give thanks.

And so today, seven days into this month, when 'pop up showers' make a regular appearance on my face and I think that if I had foreseen this sorrow, I would have been wise to invest in Kimberly-Clark, I choose to post the things for which I am grateful. I trust this does not offend anyone. I am taking a stand in my belief that grief and gratitude are not incompatible, and so...

I am so grateful for having been loved well by the best husband ever, a man picked by God for me and one who knew me well and loved me anyway. I am so grateful we were at peace, our hearts were as one and we had no unresolved business. I'm grateful we had plans for our future that brought him much joy.

PS: Remember I am seven days behind, so there will be multiple initial posts.